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Find the Secrets to Ultimate Personal Branding Success here today

If this is you...

You feel you’re getting lost in the crowd.

You'd like to focus on your personal brand, but hate self promotion.

You feel stuck in a rut and secretly want to quit what you are doing.

You've got a lot to offer, but you can't seem to find the right platform or opportunity.

You're worried that your big idea will never take off.

Guess What?  

You're not alone and I am here to tell you why

Hi There!  I'm Molly Green.  

I'm a Personal Brand Strategist and I help people build successful businesses and careers through the power of their personal brand.

After a successful international career in HR, working as an executive coach and then starting my own business, I have seen...

  • People with vision who lack clarity on how to take the next step
  • Super smart people who don't fit into a "box" being pushed into the background
  • Amazing, engaging people coming across as bland and uninteresting
  • Confident go-getters struggling to break out of their comfort zones
  • Highly skilled professionals losing big opportunities for the smallest of reasons
  • People with vision stuck in ruts and in businesses and jobs they simply couldn’t stand
  • The best candidates ever falling into major depressions after numerous failed opportunities

 I developed my specialised system and highly-tailored program to STOP people feeling stuck and to STOP people wasting the years of valuable time they’ve put into their careers and businesses.

It's time to take ACTION

(And the answers are simpler than you think.)

My program will help you increase your visibility, establish you as an influencer and boost income.


and it's about to change your life...


Who is this program for?

  • ​You are a professional and value your career and the contribution you make to those around you.  But you crave more. 
  • You want to learn how to monetise your personal brand and bring your ideas to market.
  • You value having a road map as to how to get there.  After all, if you knew exactly what to do, you probably would have done it by now.
  • You have a driving force within you and you are ready to utilise the power of your personal brand.
  •  You know you are highly capable, but your light is not shining as brightly as it should.  You need to UP your visibility.
  • You crave new challenges and opportunities.  You know you can do it, but now others have to see it as well.
  • You know you can be a key influencer in your area of expertise and acknowledge it requires a strategy.
  • You see people with seemingly less capability than you, become rising stars and wonder what you are NOT doing.

Increase your visibility, attract more opportunities, increase your income.

It's risk free.


Brand Star is risk free

I believe in the value I offer and after my program, you will have a very clear personal branding strategy and the tactics to go along with it.  We hope you see the value too. We know that if you do the work and take action, you will see results in progress towards your goal.

However, you must do the work. The program is for you if you are planning on taking action and doing things differently to how you have done them before.

Making a shift or change in your career is dependent on many factors – not all of them within your immediate control. This program is about taking what you are in control of – yourself – and executing your own brilliance and professionalism for careers in today’s business world.

If after completing the program, completing all the action items and implementing the recommendations, you believe that we have not delivered on what was promised, we will happily refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

Read on to see how this program can change your life forever…

I really felt stuck in a rut with my personal brand and was lacking direction before embarking on this fantastic program.   Four weeks later, I feel totally re-energised in my business and I've redeveloped my website and brand. I've seen immediate results with four new clients in just three days. I knew I had it in me but I just needed some new strategies. I'm over the moon with the results!

Penina Petersen,​

Do you have the time to:

  • Interview and research 1,000s of people to learn the secrets to the most powerful personal brand you can be?
  • Talk to 1,000s of candidate and unveil the strategies that get successful people where they want to be?
  • Trial and error different strategies in the hopes that something sticks, all the while watching opportunities with your name on them pass you by?
  • Figure out who the key decision makers are, how to reach them, woo them and then talk them into hiring you?

I’m guessing you’re answer to the questions above is NO WAY!

But you still want to get in the driver's seat and increase your visibility.

  There is an easier way.

It's called

If you’d like to become a BRAND STAR read on to learn more about how you can reach your full potential and live a HAPPIER, MORE LUCRATIVE LIFE.


Become the star you are.



    Week 1: Deep dive on your strengths and values

    Week 2: Create your competitive positioning

    Week 3: Perfecting communication 

    Week 4: Getting out there - choose your social media platforms

    Access to private Facebook group for peer support

USD 297 




    My 90 day goal tracker - strategy implementation to the fullest

    3 customised one-on-one coaching sessions

    Use this flexible model to smash your goals while getting feedback

    3 months of accountability and collaboration

USD 1197 





    Done for you - fully optimised Linked In Profile

    Done for you - 1-pager or Resume 

    Collaboration on:  your tagline, 30 second pitch, platform strategy and publishing calendar

    6 customised one-on-one coaching sessions (instead of 3 in the Bronze pkg)

    Mindset:  4 self-paced audios on creating a mindset for success

USD 3197 



LET'S SKYPE  + you can learn about me and the program.   And you will learn how candid and honest I am.  If it is not right for you, I'll tell you straight up AND give you a few alternative strategies. 

Totally free, of course.