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Amy Allison Thompson Executive Director

Molly Green was an amazing help recently when I was interviewing for a new executive level job. I signed up for a lazer coaching session to prepare for the interview. She asked me very pertinent and difficult questions that truly helped me reframe my thinking for the interview. I would absolutely recommend Molly's 5 Steps to Interview Success and her e-book The Essential Interview Guide.  Also, I am very happy to say I got the job!

Penina Petersen

I really felt stuck in a rut with my personal brand and was lacking direction before embarking on this fantastic program. Four weeks later, I feel totally re-energised in my business and I've redeveloped my website and brand. I've seen immediate results with four new clients in just three days. I knew I had it in me but I just needed some new strategies. I'm over the moon with the results!

Jess KozmanRegional Representative Professional Petroleum Data Management Assoc

I had the opportunity to watch Molly present her workshop material for two different groups of professional data managers from the oil and gas industry, and she proved herself unusually adept at getting to the heart of not only the professional brand of the trade organization, but the elements of personal branding that would be both most valuable and most problematic for us as a group, especially during the current challenging commodity pricing environment.. Her presentation was consistently ranked as the most interesting and valuable by attendees of both workshops and we hope to have her back to elaborate and continue the dialogue.

Nick S. National Sales Manager

I had lots of great achievements, company awards and promotions, but I found myself not really knowing how to position myself for the next step. It wasn't until I missed out on a promotion that I realised I need to re-think my positioning and career plan. The interview guide was gold for me. I knew I had it in me to go the next step, but I needed to know how to frame it - how to "amp it up" in a way that was authentic and professional. Simple actionable steps. Thanks Molly!

Jason JonesEngineering Manager

What a real eye opener for me! This interview guide took it to another level. I have a firm understanding of what this employer is seeking and how to position myself. I am so much more confident with my approach. My only advice - get this before you start the job search, not midway!

Nicole B         Manager of New Business Development

There are so many excellent sample questions in this guide and the preparation is superb! I have done lots of interviewing, but not with this approach in mind. This approach is a real leaders approach - great info for today as well as the future.